Don't be Afraidof Data

Be amazed at what it can do for your customers - and this

...And You Just Want

To Be There.


You've Got To Be There.

You Read

Everything About Them.

Every Day.

You Rock The Jersey

Every Weekend.

Data Says:

You're Their Biggest Fan.

And Data Treats

Big Fans Right.

So When There's

Tickets to be Had

It's Clear

Who Should Have Them.

Data Gets You

Where You Want To Go.

Because Data Knows When

You Deserve It.


destiny or data?

We all like to believe

That Meeting

the One
Is Meant To Be

But Popular

Dating Sites

Also Run A Few Numbers

To Help Create Matches Made In Heaven

It's The Ultimate

Love Story.

The Grandkids Are

Going To Love It

Use Data

To Be The Perfect Matchmaker

And Give Each Customer

The Content That Interests Them Most

These days, It's So Easy



•A Different Life•

We All Bookmark

The Website

That Sells That One Thing

•You Dream Of•

You Go Back To It

Again & Again

•To Pretend It's Yours•

And then Suddenly, It All Falls

•Into Place•

A Couple of Clicks

•And The Dream Comes True•

It's A

Perfect Moment

•If You're A Customer•


If You're the Company That Created That Moment
•It's Even Better•

Did You Know

Data Can Do that

The must-have vacation, the perfect match, the dream come true. When you use data to guide marketing initiatives, you make it easy for people to get what they want online.
The result: Happy customers, profitable brands. #datadidthat.

It’s a simple dynamic. Webtrends helps brands like these make it a successful one, too.

Brands Who Love Us

Finely tune digital experiences to the behavior and attributes of every visitor.

Have your brand be present for each step of every customer’s journey to the “buy” button. While they search, research, browse and “Like” from both mobile devices and laptops, you can optimize the entire flow — not just pages, but also purchase paths. Every customer journey is unique, but you can be ready to provide the experience that a specific customer needs (and wants) the most.

Finely tune digital experiences to the behavior and attributes of every visitor.

A high-value customer previously searched for leisure trips to Hawaii and Florida on your website. But today, she’s planning a quick business trip to Houston. You can see that activity as it happens on your site, and provide relevant content while that person is still there. Instead of offering more leisure trips, you can show fare options to Houston, and target specially priced deals for hotel and car. Personalize the online experience to give this customer what she needs now.

See customer activity as it happens and react immediately with relevant email messages and offers.

A customer has abandoned a shopping cart on your site. You see it happen, and immediately send an enticing offer via email that compels them to complete the purchase. That’s just one possibility. Bring customers back and reap the rewards.

Easy integration, amazing results

It’s as simple as working with your current email marketing system, and we’re adding more partner integrations soon.